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Planning & Development

  • Planning applications  

       We specialise in delivering arboricutural site surveys and reports to support planning                     applications and inform both planning, design and development of construction projects               and in accordance with current British Standard (B.S.5837).

  • Arboricultural Impact assessments and method statements 

       We provide clear and precise tree constraints plans as part of the planning and design                   process for new development.  We ensure that specification of tree protection measures 

       are practical and achievable so that protected trees are suitably retained to provide long-               term amenity within new developments. 

       We encourage a strong working relationship between architects, planners and developers to         produce well designed schemes that suitably accommodate trees within the layout.

  • Development compliance

       We can provide monitoring services to ensure that agreed methods of tree protection and             construction/protection method are properly met during the demolition, construction and             landscaping phases of a development project.

  • Tree work specification and monitoring

       We can provide contract management services including work specification and monitoring           of arboricultural and woodland management operations.

  • Tree Planting Design and Specification

       New Planting design and specification, including species selection, ground preparation,                   planting and aftercare for specimen trees or amenity woodlands.

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