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Tree Protection Law

Tree Protection Legislation and high hedges

Our staff have a wealth of knowledge regarding tree protection legislation under The Town and Country Planning (Tree Preservation)(England) Regulations 2012.   We provide expert advice in all aspects of trees and planning legislation.



  • Tree Preservation Orders​

    • Advice and applications for works to trees protected by a Tree Preservation Order.
    • Tree Preservation Order appeals 
    • Provision of supporting information for tree works
    • Applications for urgent works

    • Tree Preservation Order Planning appeals 



  • Conservation Areas

    • Advice and Notification (application) for works to trees protected within a Conservation Area 

    • Provision of supporting information for tree works if required.

  • High Hedges

    • HIgh Hedge applications and appeals

We can make high hedge maintenance applications and provide guidance and arbitration service if necessary to support reasonable need for maintenance of hedges covered by High Hedges, Part 8 of the Anti Social Behaviour Act 2003.


We can provide a detailed appraisal of the hedge and suitable management options and also make High Hedge Applications and appeals.

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